A warm welcome awaits you at every service of worship at St Marks

Every Sunday @ 11.00am

Holy Communion on 1st & 3rd Sundays in the month

  • Every week, our services are a chance for children and grown ups to worship and pray together. There are activities for everyone to take part in to help us understand the bible.  Alongside older hymns are lively simple songs.  It is a relaxed time when we can enjoy being together.

  • At Holy Communion, we gather at the altar or the Lord’s Table to share bread and wine together symbolising the body and blood of Jesus who died for us on the cross.    All who have been baptised* and know Jesus as their Lord are welcome to receive the bread and wine at communion otherwise a blessing is offered.  Those who have been baptised but wish play a full part in the life of the church are invited to prepare for confirmation*

  • Refreshments are available after each Sunday Service.

  • *Baptisms otherwise known as Christenings take place by arrangement usually during Sunday worship.  If you want your family to know Jesus personally and to be part of his church, then baptism is a good idea.  Please make contact with Jonathan, the vicar if you would like to explore this possibility.  You will be invited to join a Sunday worship service to make the arrangements.

  • *Confirmation is the ceremony when the bishop lays his hands on and prays for those who want to take their baptism seriously in adult life.  It happens to those over the age of 11 years and after preparation.  People who wish to be Godparents should be both baptised and confirmed.

  • Weddings are arranged through the vicar, Jonathan.  There is a charge, but we would not want lack of money to be a reason not to get married in St Mark’s.

  • Funerals We welcome funeral services in St Mark’s which are followed by cremation or burial elsewhere.  The Funeral director will make contact if you were considering using St Marks.  Again, there is a charge but it can be negotiable if things are tight.